CCD Neighbors

A sustainable Coffee Relationship Model that helps small-scale farmers produce top-quality coffee.

Creativa has adopted the Neighbors & Crops coffee model from La Palma & El Tucan. They believe this model has effectively challenged the status by changing the way that farmers have used to grow, process, and market coffee – where productivity comes before quality. Their projects do not come at the expense of the surroundings, but instead by cooperating with the environment and its community.

_Creativa’s Neighbors RESERVE Micro-lots made of up traditional varietals that have taken to their chosen process exceptionally well, scoring 89 points or higher.

_Exotic Varietals

A selection of nano-lots of our more rare offerings including Pacamara and Geisha, known for their distinctly floral and vibrant cup qualities.

_Exotic Varietals RESERVE Kept for our highest calibre offerings, these nano-lots score 90 points or higher. Representing the pinnacle of our harvest, these sought after varietals have responded remarkably to their unique processes.