Who We Are

We are green coffee exporters
Coffee curators and sourcing experts
We represent top-of-the-line
coffee producers

We are detail and quality-oriented, and we aim to deliver consistent profiles through simple and accessible solutions.

We handle all the logistics and quality control worldwide so that our clients can focus on their true passions.

We offer you full traceability for every single farmer from which you buy.


We Are

Who We


We are very proud to represent the following top-of-the-line coffee production projects as exclusive exporters:

Equation Coffee · La Palma y El Tucán
Equation Coffee · Delagua
Equation Coffee · Creativa Coffee District
Equation Coffee · Biodiversal


Our Team

We are a team of passionate professionals that share the love of coffee.

We represent projects that change the way people see our industry. We work hard to promote sustainability and awareness in the specialty coffee industry.

  • Sebastián Villamizar
    Sebastián Villamizar Managing Partner
  • Samuel Janna
    Samuel Janna Sales Manager
  • Juliana Pinzón
    Juliana Pinzón Sales Specialist
  • Juan Sebastián Gómez
    Juan Sebastián Gómez Sales Specialist
  • Pablo Charry
    Pablo Charry Sales Specialist
  • José Fabián Gutiérrez
    José Fabián Gutiérrez Operations Manager
  • Eliana González
    Eliana González Logistics Leader
  • Erika Velandia
    Erika Velandia Logistics Analyst
  • Sebastián Romero
    Sebastián Romero Quality Coordinator
  • Miguel Ladino
    Miguel Ladino Finance Director
  • Natalia Moncada
    Natalia Moncada Marketing Leader
  • Juan Camilo Sierra
    Juan Camilo Sierra Designer

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We want to show you how the values we pursuehelp make your choices matter where it counts.