About Us

At Equation Coffee, we believe that specialty coffee starts with healthy, nutrient-filled soils.

Soil is where all food begins and regenerating soil health is essential to restoring rural livelihoods, our natural ecosystems and reaching net zero.

This is why we’re committed to treating soils as a ‘stakeholder’ in its own right – just as important a stakeholder as the coffee grower communities we support, or our partner companies who roast the coffee

Our goal is to leave a BIODIVERSE and HABITABLE PLANET for future generations.


We need to create awarness amongst the unsustainable prices of our industry. By working with us you'll know exacty how the price you payed was distributed amongst every actor of the chain.


- We are green coffee exporters and importers with operations in North and South America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

-We offer full traceability and follow strict sustainable practices to impact every farmer with whom we work

- We represent top-of-the-line coffee projects in Colombia, Panama, Mexico and El Salvador

-We invest in our soils to help preserve our planet.