Through contract farming investments, the fund aims to increase soil carbon levels and promote soil regeneration, with the ultimate goal of restoring the long-term health of communities, coffee ecosystems, and the planet. Equation Coffee has pledged to contribute 5¢ per pound of coffee sold to support this initiative, without any exceptions, ensuring a steady flow of funding to support the cause.

The Fund has set initial ambitious goals to support regenerative agriculture projects on small-scale coffee farms in Colombia. These investments will prioritize the use of organic fertilizers and crop diversification, enabling the farms to improve soil health and sustainability. Coffee growers will restore their lands and soil, while increasing their families’ food security and diversifying their income streams.

Funds support small-scale farmers through BIODIVERSAL in Colombia's Cundinamarca department.

Goals include agroforestry, reducing external inputs, improving organic matter, and increasing income. The Soil Revolution Fund aims for $150,000 by 2023 and $1 million by 2026 to promote regenerative agriculture, benefiting soil health and farmer livelihoods.

Our big commitment

Reverse the cycle, improve coffee soils, and combat climate change. We've joined "The International 4 per 1000 Initiative," for regenerative agriculture. Our experimental programs in Colombia, Panama, Mexico, and El Salvador promote sustainable practices. Help us fund more transformative activities and spread knowledge across the value chain for widespread impact.

Why The Soil Revolution Fund

At Equation Coffee, we believe that specialty coffee starts with healthy, nutrient-filled soils.

Soil is where all food begins and regenerating soil health is essential to restoring rural livelihoods, our natural ecosystems and reaching net zero.

This is why we’re committed to treating soils as a ‘stakeholder’ in its own right – just as important a stakeholder as the coffee grower communities we support, or our partner companies who roast the coffee.