Migdonio Mendez

Farm: Mijamen
Country: Panama
Region: Boquete
Elevation: 1.200 M.A.S.L
Varietals: Catuai, Geisha




There he is, Migdonio Méndez, immersed in the green wonder of his coffee farm, Mijamen! At an elevation of 1,200 meters above sea level, nestled in the rolling hills of Boquete, Panama, this place is more than just a piece of land; it's a slice of living history. At 56 years old and with more than three decades of experience, Migdonio is the proud caretaker of no fewer than 17,000 coffee trees.

Do you smell that? It's the aroma of freshly harvested coffee filling the air. Migdonio strolls through rows upon rows of Catuai and Geisha trees, which make up 98% and 2% of his crop, respectively. Both are like teenagers in terms of coffee trees, with an average age of just two years. Don't think for him this is just a job; it's a family legacy passed down from his father. You can feel how the roots of the Méndez family are as entwined with these trees as they are in the soil of Boquete.

And hey, don't think Migdonio does all of this alone. When harvest season comes around, he hires a lively team of 10 to 15 people to lend a hand. But Migdonio is more than a boss; he's like a sustainability superhero. From soil testing to ultra-efficient cleaning and customized fertilization, he does it all with the same care he'd give to a family member. And, well, he's not someone who stands still. He's constantly experimenting with new seeds that better adapt to the unique soil and climate of Boquete. Talk about being an innovator!

Now, it's not all a walk in the park. Migdonio has faced his fair share of challenges, from fluctuating coffee prices to those pesky villains known as invasive pests. But when you ask him what his biggest challenge is, he'll tell you: "The key is in the seed. A good seed is like treasure, and finding that treasure can be costly."

Even though he hasn't yet taken his coffee to any competitions, he's full of hopes and dreams. "One day we'll participate, and who knows, maybe we'll even win," he says with a spark in his eyes that can only come from true passion.

Of course, Mijamen isn't just his livelihood; it's his passport to the world. Thanks to his hard work, Boquete coffee is making a name for itself on the global scene, and that means a ton for Panamanian coffee. And as for Migdonio, coffee has given him much more than a career; it's given him a global community.

So there you have it, standing in his little piece of paradise in Boquete, with hands stained with soil and full of raw coffee beans. Each bean is like a tiny promise of a brighter future, not just for him and his family, but for coffee lovers worldwide. Let's toast to Migdonio and his wonderful world of coffee!




Chilled Cherry
The perfect addition to any coffee lover’s collection. Our first variant is the one you already know, using the natural process. After leaving the tanks, the coffee is dried with its cherry intact. This creates a sweet and fruity taste that’s perfect for those who prefer a lighter, more refreshing coffee. Our wet mill is located in Dolega, a district of Chiriquí, where temperatures range between 20° to 35° Celsius. For this reason, our expert craftsmen created a process where we could extend the fermentation period without damaging the embryo and avoiding alcoholic notes. The tanks are lined with jackets that enable the flow of cool water, so the cherries are kept at a stable, cool temperature.

Chilled Cherry Washed
Our second and new variant is Chilled Cherry Washed, starting the process with fully ripe natural cherries. After leaving the tanks, the coffee is depulped and then dried. We add inoculants and yeast during the drying process to achieve sweeter profiles. This results in a rich and complex flavor that’s perfect for those who prefer a stronger, fuller, and creamier-bodied coffee with citric-tartaric acidity. So, whether you’re a fan of light and fruity or rich and complex, Chilled Cherry has something for everyone.

Splash Cheery
The coffee that’s been crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Splash is made using a unique process of fermentation, resulting in a truly unique taste that’s perfect for coffee lovers. Using only the finest cherries, Splash undergoes a depulping and goes through a short aerobic fermentation process of just 24 to 48 hours, ensuring that the coffee retains its natural flavor and aroma. And that’s not all - our expert craftsmen also add a special blend of lactic acid bacteria to further enhance the richness and complexity of the coffee. The result is a profile where we aim to highlight the terroir of Panama’s volcanic soil as well as the characteristics of the Geisha and Catuai varieties. If you are more into the classic and elegant profile, give it a try and discover the traditional flavors of Panama.

Intrinsic Cherry
The coffee that’s taking the industry by storm! Our expert craftsmen have spent years perfecting the art of coffee-making, and the result is a coffee that’s unlike any other. Intrinsic Cherry is a natural coffee that undergoes a short fermentation process. After floating the cherries and quality analysis, the coffee is left to ferment overnight in aerobic conditions. The next day, the drying process begins. This process is carefully monitored to ensure that the coffee develops a silky body, phosphoric acidity, and delicious flavors of yellow fruits. In 2023, we’re taking Intrinsic Cherry to the next level. We’re reducing the acidity of this profile, allowing us to enhance the coffee’s description and develop even greater complexity. The result is a coffee that’s even smoother, richer, and more delicious than ever before!

Dynamic Cherry
The coffee that’s changing the game! Our expert coffee makers have created a coffee that’s not only delicious but also unique in its creation process. Dynamic Cherry undergoes an anaerobic fermentation in cherry between 72 to 96 hours in large blue tanks with air traps. This process allows the release of gases accumulated during the fermentation, which promotes the growth of yeast and lactic acid bacteria. This meticulous process produces a coffee with a profile of red fruits, silky and round body, and malic acidity. So, if you’re looking for a coffee that’s dynamic, complex, and full of body, look no further than Dynamic Cherry. With its unique profile and expert craftsmanship, it’s the perfect addition to any coffee lover’s collection.